The story of Angier Vineyards begins with my great grandfather Melbourne Angier.

In the late 1800's Melbourne settled in Northern California. He found the climate, much like that of his native France, ideal for wine grape production. He dedicated himself to the farming of fine wine grapes. In the early days he rented 40 acres of land but by the turn of the century he owned over 500 acres and had established himself as one of the first commercial vinters in Northern California.

My great grandmother, Antoinette Angier once fed as many as 50 farm hands in a single kitchen. Today Angier Vineyards is operated on a smaller scale. Where my great grandfather cultivated the land with horse and plow we now use a single tractor.

At Angier Vineyards we pay tribute to our family history of fine winemaking. Our wine is produced in small, limited lots from our hillside vineyard in Knights Valley, CA.